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Authors: Reynolds, J.M.  
Title: Fragment b of igcyr109200 Sacred law
Date issued: 1996
Chronology: 3rd Century B.C.
Historical Period: Hellenistic period
Subject: IGCyr109200 - Sacred law
Subject Keywords: Archagetas

Reynolds, J.M. Fragment b of igcyr109200 Sacred law, 1996, inv. n. JMR_0309. IRCyr project.

Large stele of white marble, broken in two pieces found separately, later re-used for IGCyr109300; fragment a broken off at top and upper left edge and below, with a circular hole at 0.21 from bottom (0.16 0.89 0.605); fragment b broken off above and at lower right angle, with edges better preserved than in fragment a (0.16 0.63 0.65).

Inscribed in the middle of one narrow side, in 11 lines, beginning at 0.12 above bottom of fragment a and ending at 0.06 below top of fragment b.

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Place: Cyrene, Libya  
Publisher: Università di Bologna
Languages: Greek, Ancient (to 1453)
Project: IGCyr  
Fond: IGCyr | GVCyr Images (1st edition)  
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Data provider: IRCyr project  
Rights holder: IRCyr project  
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