About AMS Historica

AMS Historica is a repository operated by AlmaDL, the digital library of the University of Bologna.

AMS Historica was established to preserve and share both cultural heritage materials provided by the libraries, the archives and the museums of the University of Bologna, and digital collections from research projects selected for their scientific importance.

Students, researchers and the general public can openly browse and analyze the digital reproductions of rare and unique documents and treasures chronicling the history of Bologna and its Studium — which is the oldest university in the Western world.

Moreover, AMS Historica provides access to a great variety of digital collections created by the researchers of the University of Bologna, testifying to the richness and value of research carried out by the academic community.

The digital collections include thousands of items covering different time periods, ranging from digital reproductions of works of art, archeological remains, monuments, codices, manuscripts, papyruses, ancient and modern books, journals, newspapers, maps, drawings, photographs, audio recordings and videos, and archival materials.

Contents are generally described in their original language and published with metadata and licenses that enable discovery, scholarship, sharing and re-use, according to the principles of Open Science.

AMS Historica contents are indexed by Cultura Italia, Europeana, OpenAIRE, WorldCat and BASE.