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Title: Cividale: Battistero di Callisto. Pluteo di Sigualdo: particolare della figurazione centrale inferiore
Start date: 700
End date: 799
Historical Period: Western Early Middle Ages

Detail of Sigwald slab from the baptismal font of Callistus. Lower part: stylized tree (Tree of Life) with two branches ending in a lion's head. On the sides of the tree, there are two griffins and two birds holding up bunches of grapes. A Latin inscription runs on the top of the depiction.

Place: Cividale del Friuli, Italy  
Languages: Latin
Medium: stone (worked rock)
Project: BYZART Project  
Fond: UNIBO Bovini Archive  
Physical type: slabs (flat objects)
baptismal fonts
Material and technique: carving (processes)
Data provider: University of Bologna  
Rights holder: Christian museum, Cividale  
Appears in Collections:BYZART

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