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Contributors: Galla Placidia  
Title: Coins of 5th and 6th century emperors.
Start date: 400
End date: 599
Historical Period: Early Byzantine/Late Antique Period
Description: Coins with busts and figures of emperors sitting on thrones: 5. Multiple solidus of Galla Placidia called Paris 6. Coinage of Arcadius and Honorius 7. Coinage of Honorius 8. Coinage of Honorius 9. Coinage of Theodosius 10. Coinage of Constantius III 11. Coinage of Vlentiniano III 12. Coinage of Valentinian III 13. Coin of Valentinian III
Original caption: ''5. Solido multiplo di Galla Placidia detto di Parigi 6. Conio di Arcadio e Onorio 7. Conio di Onorio 8. Conio di Onorio 9. Conio di Teodosio 10. Conio di Costanzo III 11. Conio di Vlentiniano III 12. Conio di Valentiniano III 13. Conio di Valentiniano III''
Languages: No linguistic content; Not applicable
Medium: metal
Project: BYZART Project  
Fond: UNIBO Bovini Archive  
Material and technique: minting
Data provider: University of Bologna  
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