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Authors: Ravenna master mosaicists of Saint Apollinare Nuovo  
Contributors: Theodore Lymniotis, Anna Radini  
Title: Ravenna, Cappella Arcivescovile, Volta con fiori e uccelli, particolare
Start date: 494
End date: 519
Historical Period: Early Byzantine/Late Antique Period

Archiepiscopal Chapel, wall mosaic decoration, vestibule: mallard, detail of barrel vault decorative motif. On the barrel vault stylized flowers pattern and different species of birds are depicted.

Place: Museo e Cappella Arcivescovile, Italy  
Languages: No linguistic content; Not applicable
Medium: pâte de verre (glass)
Project: BYZART Project  
Fond: Biblioteca Classense Mario Mazzotti Archive  
Physical type: wall coverings
Material and technique: mosaic (process)
Data provider: Museum of Ravenna  
License: All rights reserved
Rights holder: Ravenna Diocese  
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