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IGCyr | GVCyr Images
Images of inscriptions, drawings, facsimiles, and squezees of inscriptions.
Images illustrating the inscriptions published in Dobias-Lalou, Catherine. Inscriptions of Greek Cyrenaica in collaboration with Alice Bencivenni, Hugues Berthelot, with help from Simona Antolini, Silvia Maria Marengo, and Emilio Rosamilia; Dobias-Lalou, Catherine. Greek Verse Inscriptions of Cyrenaica in collaboration with Alice Bencivenni, with help from Joyce M. Reynolds and Charlotte Roueché. Bologna: CRR-MM, Alma Mater Studiorum Università di Bologna, 2017. ISBN 9788898010684,
Images related to the great majority of the inscriptions from Greek Cyrenaica (VII-I BC) and to the Greek verse inscriptions from Greek and Roman Cyrenaica (VII BC-VII AD). Each inscription of the corpus is illustrated with one or several images allowing to understand the typology of the support and to check the proposed readings.
The collection was built on digitised images provided by the Centre de recherches sur la Libye antique and several other teams from Italy, United Kingdom, USA and Libya having discovered, copied, studied inscriptions from Cyrenaica.
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PreviewIssue DateStart DateEnd DateTitleFond RootAuthor(s)Other authorsResource typePhysical typeArchival unit
1gvcyr034-1-ancientface.tiff.jpg-Ancient face of gvcyr034 Honors for two athletesIGCyr | GVCyr Images  still image
2gvcyr027-3-back.tiff.jpg2010Back of gvcyr027 Honors for PausaniasIGCyr | GVCyr Images  Dobias-Lalou, C.  still image
3igcyr114800-2-back.tif.jpg2005Back of igcyr114800 Dedication to theaIGCyr | GVCyr Images  still image
4igcyr110000-1-blocks2-4.tiff.jpg1997Blocks 2-4 of igcyr110000 Dedication of a fountainIGCyr | GVCyr Images  Dobias-Lalou, C.  still image
5igcyr110000-2-blocks3-4.tiff.jpg1997Blocks 3-4 of igcyr110000 Dedication of a fountainIGCyr | GVCyr Images  Dobias-Lalou, C.  still image
6igcyr098500-4-blocks i-iii.tiff.jpg1929Blocks I to III of igcyr098500 Dedicationof the StrategeionIGCyr | GVCyr Images  still image
7igcyr098500-5-blocks iii-iv.tiff.jpg1929Blocks III and IV of igcyr098500 Dedication of the StrategeionIGCyr | GVCyr Images  still image
8igcyr098500-6-blocks iv-v.tiff.jpg1929Blocks IV and V of igcyr098500 Dedication of the StrategeionIGCyr | GVCyr Images  still image
9gvcyr001-2-bottom.tiff.jpg-Bottom of gvcyr001 Epitaph of KoisonIGCyr | GVCyr Images  still image
10igcyr092300-2-bottom.tiff.jpg2001Bottom of igcyr092300 EpitaphIGCyr | GVCyr Images  still image
11igcyr071000-2-centre.tiff.jpg1974Central part of igcyr071000 TitheIGCyr | GVCyr Images  still image
12igcyr081200-2-centre.tiff.jpg-Central part of igcyr081200 AccountIGCyr | GVCyr Images  still image
13gvcyr043-3-copy.tiff.jpg-Copy of gvcyr043 Epitaph of AphrodisiaIGCyr | GVCyr Images  Pacho, J.R.  still image
14gvcyr050-copy.tiff.jpg1730Copy of gvcyr050 UnclearIGCyr | GVCyr Images  Granger  still image
15gvcyr012-3-DeCou copying.tiff.jpg1911De Cou copying igcyr012 Epitaph of PlautaIGCyr | GVCyr Images  Hoppin, J.C.  still image
16igcyr020000-2-detail.tif.jpg-Detail (line 3) of igcyr020000 Dedication to the gods of the agoraIGCyr | GVCyr Images  Reynolds, J.M.  still image
17gvcyr014-2-detail.tiff.jpg2010Detail of gvcyr014 Epitaph of L. SossiosIGCyr | GVCyr Images  Dobias-Lalou, C.  still image
18gvcyr021-3-detail.tiff.jpg-19151925Detail of gvcyr021 Dedication by LysaniasIGCyr | GVCyr Images  still image
19igcyr033300-2-detail.tiff.jpg2010Detail of igcyr033300 DedicationIGCyr | GVCyr Images  Dobias-Lalou, C.  still image
20igcyr113406-detail.tiff.jpg2005Detail of igcyr113406 TrademarkIGCyr | GVCyr Images  Leone, R.  still image