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dc.contributor.authorRavenna master mosaicist of Saint Apollinare in Classe
dc.contributor.authorRavenna master mosaicist of Saint Vitale
dc.description<p>Basilica of Saint Apollinaire in Classe, wall mosaic decoration, apse half-dome: section of Transfiguration and Saint Apollinare representations. Christ is represented by the jewelled cross framed in the blue clypeus, which is decorated with 99 golden stars; god’s figure is depicted on the small medallion on cross centre. Inscriptions are on clypeus extremities: Greek word “ixzus” is on top, Latin expression “salus mundi” is under cross base, Greek letters alpha and omega are beside cross branches. Moses and Elijah appear from clouds sideways central clypeus. Under the prophets, three sheep are depicted on a flowered grass looking to Christ’s representation and other twelve are depicted in line, next to Saint Apollinaris, who is standing in preying pose. The divine hand dextera dei is figured on scene top.</p>
dc.format.mediumpâte de verre (glass)
dc.format.mediumgold (metal)
dc.format.mediummarble (rock)
dc.format.mediummother of pearl
dc.rights.holderPolo Museale Emilia Romagna
dc.titleRavenna, Basilica di Sant'Apollinare in Classe, Trasfigurazione, Sant'Apollinare
dc.type.materialandtechniquemosaic (process)
dc.type.physicalwall coverings
dc.relation.fondMuseum of Ravenna Cidm Archive
dc.coverage.temporalperiodEarly Byzantine/Late Antique Period
dc.contributor.providerAMSHistorica - University of Bologna
dc.contributor.intermediateproviderBYZART Project
dc.contributor.dataproviderMuseum of Ravenna
dc.relation.placeSant'Apollinare in Classe, Italy
dc.relation.projectBYZART Project
dc.type.coarResource Types::image::still image
item.treefondsrootBYZART. Byzantine art and archaeology
item.fulltextWith Fulltext
item.coartypestill image
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