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Title: [Frammento] a
Start date: 300
End date: 699
Chronology: 4th Century A.D.
5th Century A.D.
6th Century A.D.
7th Century A.D.
Place: Egypt  
Languages: Greek, Ancient (to 1453)
Bibliography: Montevecchi, Orsolina, "Papyri Bononienses I. (1-50)", Milano, Societ√† Editrice Vita e Pensiero, 1953, pp. 112
Identifiers: BUB, Pap. 8 (inv. 122818)
Edizione: P.Bon. 49a
Medium: papyrus (fiber product)
Fond: Biblioteca Universitaria di Bologna. Papyri Bononienses. Digitalizzazione 2000-2001  
Other links:;;49a
Physical type: documentary papyri
Material and technique: papyrus (fiber product)
Data provider: Biblioteca Universitaria di Bologna  
Rights holder: University of Bologna  
Appears in Collections:Papyri Bononienses

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