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Title: Corpus Iuris Civilis. Digestum vetus
Alternative title: Digestum vetus. Pandectarum iuris ciuilis tomus primus, primam, secundam, tertiam partes, ac quartae libros quatuor, et quinti titulos duos continens, ex Pandectis Florentinis ...
Date issued: 1560
Chronology: 16th Century A.D.
Historical Period: Early modern period

Marca di Hugues de La Porte sul frontespizio
Colophon a carta 2L10 recto; Marca non controllata
Corsivo, greco, romano; stampato in rosso e nero; iniziali xilografiche
Variante B: ricomposto il fascicolo 2a8; manca c. 2P8 bianca
Variante C: [16] p., 772 colonne, [4] p., colonne 773-1838, [65] p. : ill. ; 2°

Size: 1 v.; 44 cm; [16] p., 772 colonne, [2] p., colonne 773-1838, [65] p. : ill. ; 2°
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Is part of: Corpus Iuris Civilis
Publisher: Lyon: Ausoult, Jean
Lyon: La Porte, Hugues : de
Languages: Latin
Identifiers: Segnatura: 2a8 a10 b-z8 A8(A7+chi1) B-2K8 2L10 2M-2P8 (2P8 bianca)
Segnatura: 2a8 a10 b-z8 A8 [chi]2 B-2K8 2L10 2M-2P8 ([chi]2 bianca)
Impronta: s.s. 11d. emei scci (3) 1560 (A)
Impronta: s.s. 11i. emei scci (3) 1560 (A)
Medium: paper (fiber product)
Fond: Biblioteca Giuridica “Antonio Cicu”. Fondo Antico  
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Physical type: books
Material and technique: block printing (relief printing process)
Data provider: Biblioteca Giuridica “Antonio Cicu”  
Rights holder: University of Bologna  
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