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Authors: al-Qāʼānī, Manṣūr ibn Aḥmad Khwārizmī  
Contributors: al-Ḫabbāzī, ʿUmar ibn Muḥammad Jalal al-Din  
Title: Bologna, Biblioteca Universitaria di Bologna, ms. 2986
Alternative title : 
[شرح] المختصر في أصول الفقه
Transliterated title: [Sharh] al-Mukhtasar fi usul al-fiqh
Start date: 1600
End date: 1650
Subject Keywords: Hanafi Law
Arabic keywords: 
الفقه الحنفي
Specimen notes: 

The names of the commentator (al-Ḫabbāzī, ʿUmar ibn Muḥammad Jalal al-Din) and author (al-Qāʼānī, Manṣūr ibn Aḥmad Khwārizmī ) are on c. 2r
The text is incomplete at the end
Turkish hand.

Consistency and size: cc. I, 106, I; mm 209 x 145
Languages: Arabic
Bibliography: G. S. Assemani, Index librorum Bibliothecae marsilianae [...], Codices Arabici, p. 75; n. 40; V. Rosen, Remarques sur les manuscrits orientaux de la Collection Marsigli à Bologne. IV. Liste des manuscrits arabes (Roma 1884), p. 202.
Medium: paper (fiber product)
Project: AMBULO Project  
Fond: Biblioteca Universitaria di Bologna. Manoscritti arabi  
Physical type: manuscripts (documents)
codices (bound manuscripts)
Material and technique: handwriting
Data provider: Biblioteca Universitaria di Bologna  
Rights holder: Biblioteca Universitaria di Bologna  
Appears in Collections:AMBULO (Arabic Manuscripts in the Bologna University Library Online)

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