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Autore: Paci, G.  
Titolo: Fragment a of igcyr107000 List of names
Data secolare: 2nd Century B.C.
Periodo storico: Hellenistic period
Soggetto: IGCyr107000 - List of names

Paci, G. Fragment a of igcyr107000 List of names, Università degli Studi, Macerata.

Two non adjacent fragments of a white marble panel; fragment a is broken off above, below and at left and its right margin is preserved (0.175 0.200 0.105); fragment b is broken off obliquely from upper left to lower right with both margins preserved on some extent (0.43 0.165 0.095).

Inscribed on the face with spaces between letters and between names varying at each line.

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Fragment b of igcyr107000 List of names
Fragment a of igcyr107000 List of names
Luogo: Cyrene, Libya  
Editore: Università di Bologna
Lingue: Greek, Ancient (to 1453)
Progetto: IGCyr  
Fondo: IGCyr | GVCyr Images  
Altre risorse:
Data provider: Università degli Studi, Macerata  
Licenza: Tutti i diritti riservati
Detentore dei diritti: Università degli Studi, Macerata  
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