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Autore: Paci, G.  
Titolo: Face of igcyr097900 Private honours and dedication
Data secolare: 4th Century B.C.
3rd Century B.C.
Periodo storico: Hellenistic period
Classical period
Soggetto: IGCyr097900 - Private honors and dedication

Paci, G. Face of igcyr097900 Private honours and dedication, Università degli Studi, Macerata.

Grey marble base with attachment holes for four statues on top, two larger ones at both ends, two smaller ones in the middle, and also for attachment of other objects (2.15 0.435 0.61).

Inscribed in four columns of two lines each and one more line on the full width; in each column, the space between letters fluctuates so that both lines have the same length; the four columns are not equally dispatched on the width of the face, but correspond to the placement of the statues, whereas line 9 stretches at equal distance of both ends

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Luogo: Cyrene, Libya  
Editore: Università di Bologna
Lingue: Greek, Ancient (to 1453)
Progetto: IGCyr  
Fondo: IGCyr | GVCyr Images (1st edition)  
Altre risorse:
Data provider: Archivio Università Macerata  
Detentore dei diritti: Archivio Università Macerata  
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