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Authors: Paci, G.  
Title: Face of igcyr026800 Epitaph
Chronology: 1st Century B.C.
2nd Century B.C.
Historical Period: Hellenistic period
Subject: IGCyr026800 - Epitaph

Paci, G. Face of igcyr026800 Epitaph, Università degli Studi, Macerata.

White marble base with plain mouldings above and below, the upper one badly chipped; left side broken off (0.59 0.35 0.65).

Inscribed on the face between the mouldings (0.575 0.16 0.40), with each line well centered, the letters pressed together in the middle, with large margins on both sides.

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Face of igcyr026800 Epitaph
Place: Cyrene, Libya  
Publisher: Università di Bologna
Languages: Greek, Ancient (to 1453)
Project: IGCyr  
Fond: IGCyr | GVCyr Images (1st edition)  
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Data provider: Archivio Università Macerata  
Rights holder: Archivio Università Macerata  
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