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Authors: Dobias-Lalou, C.  
Title: Back of gvcyr027 Honours for Pausanias
Date issued: 2010
Chronology: 1st Century A.D.
Historical Period: Roman period
Subject: GVCyr027 - Description of a relief and honorary dedication to the Horae
Subject Keywords: Horai

Dobias-Lalou, C. (2010) Back of gvcyr027 Honours for Pausanias. Mission Archéologique Française.

Rectangular block of white marble sculpted on one side with a relief showing a scene of healing, belonging originally to a frieze; re-cut and re-used on the opposite side which has a relief of a man half-lying; his left elbow resting on a cushion, he holds a phiale on his left hand; his right arm rests on the couch at waist level, with two fingers falling down onto the plinth, as if it were the couch. Parts are lacking at the upper left angle and on the right edge (0.87 0.50 0.19).

Inscribed in two groups of three lines each on the plinth, (0.83 0.13); some lines do not begin at the left edge nor did them necessarily be cut on to the right edge.

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Face of gvcyr027 Honours for Pausanias
Place: Cyrene, Libya  
Publisher: Università di Bologna
Languages: Greek, Ancient (to 1453)
Project: IGCyr  
Fond: IGCyr | GVCyr Images (1st edition)  
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Data provider: Mission Archéologique Française  
Rights holder: Mission Archéologique Française  
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