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Authors: Hassuna, A.  
Title: Face of gvcyr006 Epitaph of a dog
Date issued: 1993
Chronology: 2nd Century B.C.
3rd Century B.C.
Historical Period: Hellenistic period
Subject: GVCyr006 - Epitaph of a dog

Hassuna, A. (1993) Face of gvcyr006 Epitaph of a dog, inv. n. F35/6. Department of Antiquities, Shahat.

Miniature pillar of smooth limestone with moulding and cornice at the top on three sides (0.25 0.085 0.10).

Inscribed on front face of the slightly tapering shaft (0.065 to 0.07 0.21 0.073 to 0.082), a) inside a cartouche just under the moulding (0.055 0.005), b) lower, beneath the figure, superficially carved, of a hunting dog with no visible ears and a tall and slender tail, sitting, looking leftwards.

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Place: Faidia, Libya  
Publisher: Università di Bologna
Languages: Greek, Ancient (to 1453)
Project: IGCyr  
Fond: IGCyr | GVCyr Images (1st edition)  
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Data provider: Department of Antiquities, Shahat  
Rights holder: Department of Antiquities, Shahat  
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