BYZART project: Byzantine Art and Archaeology on Europeana Pagina iniziale della Community

The project aims to make digital objects accessible online through Europeana Collections. During the project photos, video and audio content, as well as 3D surveys and reconstructions about Byzantine history and culture will be digitised. The content and accompanying narratives will capture users’ attention and provide them with a rich online experience. In addition, the digitised data will enhance Europeana’s artistic content by adding to the Byzantine art and archaeology material already available on the platform.

The Byzantine art and archaeology project is led by the BYZART consortium.

    University of Bologna, Department of History and Cultures, Italy (project coordinator)
    Ionian University, Department of Audio and Visual Arts, Greece
    Open University of Cyprus, Cyprus
    Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece
    Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Institute of Art Studies, Bulgaria
    Institute of Historical Research – National Hellenic Research Foundation, Greece
    Museo d’Arte della città di Ravenna, International Centre for Documentation of Mosaics, Italy

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Byzantine and Post-Byzantine archaeological and artistic heritage from a variety of archives and collections.