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Authors: Minas  
Title: Holy Bishopric of Morphou: St Prochoros, Church of the Archangel Michael in Pedoulas
Start date: 1474
End date: 1474
Historical Period: Late Byzantine Period

Prochoros had been one of the seven deacons of the first Christian church. On top of his head, one may discern the tonsure, the circular bald spot. From his right shoulder hangs a light brown orarium, a distinctive feature of the attire of deacons, where the trisagios hymn is inscribed. On the right hand, he holds a ciborium. Of note is the decorative element along the band of Prochoros' collar. The zone beneath the deacons, attached to the ground, is ornamented mainly with red crosses against a white background within a frame of opulent, symmetrically arranged leave-shaped decoration.

Place: Archángelos Michaíl, Cyprus  
Languages: No linguistic content; Not applicable
Medium: paint (coating)
Project: BYZART Project  
Fond: OUC Bank of Cyprus Cultural Foundation  
Physical type: mural paintings (visual works)
Material and technique: painting (image-making)
Data provider: Open University of Cyprus  
License: All rights reserved
Rights holder: Holy Bishopric of Morphou  
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