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Title: Cyprus Medieval Museum: Wall painting Copy (MM793)
Start date: 1930
End date: 1939
Historical Period: Post-Byzantine

Lamentation/Entombment of Christ. Wall painting from the funeral chapel of the Saviour, beginning of the 12th cent. Copy by Bardswell. Inscribed border around the painting. In the center there is Jesus lying on his bed, with Mary kissing him on the cheek and John, his student, kissing his hand. To the left of the scene there are two women (maybe the other two Marys) and to the right of the scene two men, one kissing Jesus's feet. Behind them we see Jesus's tomb. Provenance: Koutsovendis Monastery

Size: Height: 39 cm; Width: 57 cm
Place: Frourion Lemesou, Cyprus  
Languages: Greek, Ancient (to 1453)
Medium: paint (coating)
Project: BYZART Project  
Fond: OUC Department of Antiquities Republic of Cyprus  
Physical type: paintings (visual works)
Material and technique: painting (image-making)
Data provider: Department of Antiquities, Republic of Cyprus  
License: All rights reserved
Rights holder: Department of Antiquities, Republic of Cyprus  
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