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Title: Holy Bishopric of Morphou: Saint Barbara, Marina, and Anastasia, Church of the Holy Virgin in Moutoullas
Start date: 1280
End date: 1280
Historical Period: Late Byzantine Period

At the right part of the wall, inscribed in the same frame, were depicted standing and frontal St Barbara, St Marina and St Anastasia. Obvious in the appearance of St Barbara is her young face, her noble birth, and her spiritual education. Over her red tunic, she is wearing her chlamys decorated with pearls, precious stones and with red fleur des lis. She is also wearing round earrings, while a white, kerchied is covering her hair and her neck. The top of her head is covered by a low, round cup with a band, decorated with pearls. St Marina the virgin and martyr is standing in the middle, dressed with a green tunic and a red maphorium and looking with a thoughtful look; she is considered as the protector of the children and was highly venerated by the Crusaders. The last one of this group standing in the same way, as the other martyrs, is St Anastasia, although it is not clear if she id the Roman or the one resolving the magic. A considerable part of her body has been destroyed.

Place: Panagía, Cyprus  
Languages: No linguistic content; Not applicable
Medium: paint (coating)
Project: BYZART Project  
Fond: OUC Bank of Cyprus Cultural Foundation  
Physical type: mural paintings (visual works)
Material and technique: painting (image-making)
Data provider: Open University of Cyprus  
License: All rights reserved
Rights holder: Holy Bishopric of Morphou  
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