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dc.contributor.authorGoul, Philippos
dc.description<p>In the lower register on the wall are St Barbara, St Paraskeve, andSt Marina, all looking towards the Virgin Mary, standing on the right. The Virgin, beside the entrance, holds an open roll in her left hand; her right hand is raised and she bows her head in supplication towards the figure of her son on the other side of the entrance. He is depicted standing on a footstool, holding an opes Gospel book, and blessing. To the right of him are St Constantine and St Helena, holding the True Cross between them.</p>
dc.format.mediumpaint (coating)
dc.rights.holderHoly Bishopric of Morphou
dc.titleHoly Bishopric of Morphou: Mural painting of St Barbara, St Praskeve, St Marina and the Virgin Mary, Church of the Holy Cross of Ayiasmati (8-8, 114, 115)
dc.type.materialandtechniquepainting (image-making)
dc.type.physicalmural paintings (visual works)
dc.relation.fondOUC Bank of Cyprus Cultural Foundation
dc.coverage.temporalperiodLate Byzantine Period
dc.contributor.providerAMSHistorica - University of Bologna
dc.contributor.intermediateproviderBYZART Project
dc.contributor.dataproviderOpen University of Cyprus
dc.relation.placeStavrós tou Agiasmáti, Cyprus
dc.relation.projectBYZART Project
dc.type.coarResource Types::image::still image
item.treefondsrootBYZART. Byzantine art and archaeology
item.fulltextWith Fulltext
item.coartypestill image
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