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Authors: Constantinopolitan workshop  
Title: Londra, Victoria & Albert Museum. Tavola d'avorio: il Giudizio Universale, bizantina, XI-XII secolo
Start date: 1000
End date: 1099
Historical Period: Western Middle Ages

Ivory panel with the Last Judgemement: above, in the centre, Christ is seated on a globe flanked by the Virgin and St John the Baptist (Deesis). The twelve apostles besides them are helping the Judge to decide the fate of the souls.. At the bottom , to the right, an angel blows a horn, the signal for the resurrection of the dead. To the left two groups of the Blessed and saints enter into the Paradise, where there are the penitent thief (with his cross), the Virgin, Abraham and Lazarus. A river of fire descending from Christ's feet, between two cherubim, leads to Hell on the right, where an angel ushers the Damned towards Satan on his throne of serpents. At the bottom right the sinners suffering . The empty throne with the open book and the instruments of the Passion represent the 'Etimasia'.

Place: Victoria & Albert Museum, United Kingdom  
Languages: No linguistic content; Not applicable
Medium: ivory (material)
Project: BYZART Project  
Fond: UNIBO Bovini Archive  
Physical type: reliefs (sculptures)
Material and technique: carving (processes)
Data provider: University of Bologna  
Rights holder: Victoria & Albert Museum  
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