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Titolo: Μουσείο Ιεράς Μονής Κύκκου (Κύπρος): Απεικόνιση όρθιας βρεφοκρατούσας Παναγίας και όρθιου αδιάγνωστου αγίου στα δεξιά. Αποτοιχισμένη τοιχογραφία από το ναό Αγίου Αντωνίου, Κελλιά, Λάρνακα. (E 811)
Estremo cronologico iniziale: 1200
Estremo cronologico finale: 1299
Periodo storico: Late Byzantine Period

Mural painting depicting the standing Virgin Mary with Christ Child and a monk saint standing to the right on a blue background. The monk saint is unidentified because of damage to the paint of the identifying inscription. The mural has been removed from the church of Saint Anthony at Kellia in Larnaca, Cyprus.

Dimensioni: 220 x 130 cm
Luogo: Museum of the Holy Monastery of Kykkos, Cyprus  
Lingue: Greek, Ancient (to 1453)
Tipo di supporto: plaster (composite coating)
Progetto: BYZART Project  
Fondo: OUC Museum of the Holy Monastery of Kykkos  
Tipo di oggetto: mural paintings (visual works)
Materiale e tecnica: painting (image-making)
Data provider: Museum of the Holy Monastery of Kykkos  
Licenza: Tutti i diritti riservati
Detentore dei diritti: Museum of the Holy Monastery of Kykkos  
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