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Authors: Pietro da Rimini  
Title: Pietro da Rimini, Cristo giudice e storie dell'Anticristo, già Ravenna, Basilica di Santa Maria in Porto Fuori
Start date: 1300
End date: 1399
Historical Period: Western Middle Ages

Fresco decoration of the arch depicting Christ in the center. On the left side the Antichrist, in the form of a king, orders the beheading of Elijah and Enoch. On the right the archangel Michael decapitates the Antichrist. The mural painting was destroyed by aerial bombardments suffered by the Basilica of Santa Maria in Porto Fuori on November 5, 1944.

Languages: No linguistic content; Not applicable
Project: BYZART Project  
Fond: Biblioteca Classense Mario Mazzotti Archive  
Physical type: mural paintings (visual works)
Material and technique: fresco painting (technique)
Data provider: Museum of Ravenna  
License: All rights reserved
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