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Contributors: Isaac Comnenus  
Title: Bank of Cyprus Cultural Foundation : Coin of Isaac Comnenus (1184-1191)
Start date: 1184
End date: 1191
Historical Period: Middle Byzantine Period

Obv: Virgin Mary standing right, orans; in upper right field, Manus Dei.
MP (Mother) in left field; ΘV (of God) in right field.
Rev: Isaac Comnenus standing facing, holding cruciform staff in right hand and globus cruciger in left; in upper right field, Manus Dei.

Size: 3.07 gm, 19 mm, axis 6:00
Place: Bank of Cyprus Cultural Foundation, Cyprus  
Languages: Greek, Ancient (to 1453)
Project: BYZART Project  
Fond: OUC Bank of Cyprus Cultural Foundation  
Physical type: coins (money)
Material and technique: minting
Data provider: Open University of Cyprus  
License: All rights reserved
Rights holder: Bank of Cyprus Cultural Foundation  
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