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Title: TAV. III: Plan of the pre-Eufrasian structures.
Description: The remains of the original area of the primitive sacral buildings of the Euphrasian basilica in Poreč. I- Middle hall, ecclesia II- Southern hall, martirium III- Northern hall, catechumeneum a- Location of the remains of the swimming pool of the primitive baptistery b- The enlarged space of the primitive baptistery c- The entrance space d- Probable prothesis or diaconicon
Original caption: ''TAV. III: I resti della primitiva area delle costruzioni primitive sacrali della basilica Eufrasiana di Parenzo. I-Aula mediana, ecclesia II- Aula meridionale, martirium III- Aula settentrionale, catechumeneum a- Ubicazione dei resti della piscina del battistero primitivo b- Lo spazio ampliato del battistero primitivo c- Lo spazio d'entrata d- Probabile prothesis o diaconicon''.
Languages: No linguistic content; Not applicable
Project: BYZART Project  
Fond: UNIBO Bovini Archive  
Physical type: architectural drawings (visual works)
Data provider: University of Bologna  
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