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PreviewIssue DateStart DateEnd DateTitleFond RootAuthor(s)Other authorsResource typePhysical typeArchival unit
1003_010_021587_01.tif.jpg-1299Ferrara, Corso Garibaldi, stretch of paved Roman road.BYZART. Byzantine art and archaeology  still imageexcavations (sites)
2003_010_005756_01.tif.jpg-300399Santa Maria di Padovetere (Ferrara)BYZART. Byzantine art and archaeology  Workshop from Ravenna  still imageslabs (flat objects)
3003_010_005757_01.tif.jpg-300399Veduta aerea del complesso di Santa Maria di PadovetereBYZART. Byzantine art and archaeology  Local workshop  still imagechurches (buildings); baptisteries