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PreviewIssue DateStart DateEnd DateTitleFond RootAuthor(s)Other authorsResource typePhysical typeArchival unit
1igcyr134800-view.tiff.jpg2010View of igcyr134800 UnclearIGCyr | GVCyr Images  Montanari, M.  still image
2igcyr134700-1-view.tiff.jpg2010View of igcyr134700 Dedication (?)IGCyr | GVCyr Images  Inglese, A.  still image
3igcyr134600-view.tiff.jpg2012View of igcyr134600 UnclearIGCyr | GVCyr Images  Rosamilia, E.  still image
4igcyr134300-1-view.tiff.jpg2012View of igcyr134300 Dedication and owner's markIGCyr | GVCyr Images  Rosamilia, E.  still image
5igcyr134200-1-view.tiff.jpg2012View of igcyr134200 DedicationIGCyr | GVCyr Images  Rosamilia, E.  still image
6igcyr134100-1-view.tiff.jpg2012View of igcyr134100 Name (?)IGCyr | GVCyr Images  Rosamilia, E.  still image
7igcyr134000-1-view.tiff.jpg2012View of igcyr134000 DedicationIGCyr | GVCyr Images  Rosamilia, E.  still image
8igcyr133900-1-view.tiff.jpg2012View of igcyr133900 Owner's markIGCyr | GVCyr Images  Rosamilia, E.  still image
9igcyr133800-2-view.tiff.jpg2012View of igcyr133800 DedicationIGCyr | GVCyr Images  Rosamilia, E.  still image
10igcyr133700-1-view.tiff.jpg2012View of igcyr133700 Dedication or caption (?)IGCyr | GVCyr Images  Rosamilia, E.  still image
11igcyr109800-1-view.tiff.jpg2001View of igcyr109800 Dedication or name (?)IGCyr | GVCyr Images  Catani, E.  still image
12igcyr107260-view.tiff.jpg-19571966View of igcyr107260 DedicationIGCyr | GVCyr Images  still image
13igcyr106950-view.tiff.jpg-19631966View of igcyr106950 Tithe for ApolloIGCyr | GVCyr Images  still image
14igcyr088400-view.tiff.jpg1993View of igcyr088400 DedicationIGCyr | GVCyr Images  still image
15igcyr084210-1-view.tiff.jpg-View of igcyr084210 Picture captionIGCyr | GVCyr Images  still image
16igcyr081400-1-view.tiff.jpg1990View of igcyr081400 Dedication to PanakeiaIGCyr | GVCyr Images  still image
17igcyr000800-view.tiff.jpg-19581966View of igcyr000800 Dedication to OphelesIGCyr | GVCyr Images  still image
18igcyr000450-view.tiff.jpg-19581966View of igcyr000450 UnclearIGCyr | GVCyr Images  still image
19igcyr000440-view.tiff.jpg-19581966View of igcyr000440 UnclearIGCyr | GVCyr Images  still image
20igcyr000430-view.tiff.jpg-19581966View of igcyr000430 UnclearIGCyr | GVCyr Images  still image