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PreviewIssue DateStart DateEnd DateTitleFond RootAuthor(s)Other authorsResource typePhysical typeArchival unit
1005_004_060311_01.jpg.jpg-14001499Veduta di Costantinopoli, Ravenna, Biblioteca Classense, Ms. 308BYZART. Byzantine art and archaeology  still imagedrawings (visual works)
2003_002_004508_01.tif.jpg-500599Ravenna, drawing of one mosaic floor from the Basilica of St. Probus (?)BYZART. Byzantine art and archaeology  still imagedrawings (visual works); mosaics (visual works)
3005_012_004464_01.jpg.jpg-17001799Domenico Barbiani, Pianta e sezione della Cappella Arcivescovile di RavennaBYZART. Byzantine art and archaeology  Barbiani, Domenico  still imagearchitectural drawings (visual works)