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PreviewIssue DateStart DateEnd DateTitleFond RootAuthor(s)Other authorsResource typePhysical typeArchival unit
1003_010_026028_01.tif.jpg-500549Transenna bizantina dietro l'altar maggiore di San VitaleBYZART. Byzantine art and archaeology  still imageslabs (flat objects)
2003_010_025845_01.tif.jpg-100199Stele incompleta di MacerBYZART. Byzantine art and archaeology  still imagestelae
3003_010_025846_01.tif.jpg-100199Stele frammentariaBYZART. Byzantine art and archaeology  still imagestelae
4003_010_025698_01.tif.jpg-4154Stele di Paccia ElpideBYZART. Byzantine art and archaeology  still imagestelae
5003_010_025695_01.tif.jpg-2550Stele dei Firmi e dei LatroniiBYZART. Byzantine art and archaeology  still imagestelae
6003_010_025836_01.tif.jpg-100199Stele architettonica frammentaria di ...VLC..BYZART. Byzantine art and archaeology  still imagestelae
7003_010_025843_01.tif.jpg-200299Stele architettonica di Tito Valerio SeveroBYZART. Byzantine art and archaeology  Titus Valerius Severus  still imagestelae
8003_010_025840_01.tif.jpg-100199Stele architettonica di Tito Mucio DentoneBYZART. Byzantine art and archaeology  Titus Mucius Dento  still imagestelae
9003_010_025785_01.tif.jpg-100199Stele architettonica di Marco Aurelio CastoBYZART. Byzantine art and archaeology  Marcus Aurelius Castus  still imagestelae
10003_010_025816_01.tif.jpg-100199Stele architettonica di Caio Brecio VeroBYZART. Byzantine art and archaeology  Caius Brecius Verus  still imagestelae
11003_010_026018_01.tif.jpg-Stele anarchitettonica di Publio Cassio HeliodoroBYZART. Byzantine art and archaeology  Publius Cassius Heliodoforos  still imagestelae
12003_010_025848_01.tif.jpg-100199Stele anarchitettonica di PhilomelloBYZART. Byzantine art and archaeology  Philomellus  still imagestelae
13003_010_025844_01.tif.jpg-100199Stele anarchitettonica di Lucio Vicerio TarsaBYZART. Byzantine art and archaeology  Lucius Vicerius Tarsa  still imagestelae
14003_010_025939_01.tif.jpg-100199Stele anarchitettonica di Fabia AtiniaBYZART. Byzantine art and archaeology  Fabia Atinia  still imagestelae
15003_010_025701_01.tif.jpg-100299Stele anarchitettonica di Caius DasimiusBYZART. Byzantine art and archaeology  Caius Dasimius  still imagestelae
16003_010_025847_01.tif.jpg-100199Stele anarchitettonica di Caio Didio MassimoBYZART. Byzantine art and archaeology  Caius Didius Maximus  still imagestelae
17003_010_025992_01.tif.jpg-Stele anarchitettonica di C. Sereno ApollinareBYZART. Byzantine art and archaeology  Caius Serenus Apollenaris  still imagestelae
18003_010_025849_01.tif.jpg-100199Stele anarchitettonica di C. LonginioBYZART. Byzantine art and archaeology  Caius Longinus  still imagestelae
19003_010_012221_01.tif.jpg-300599Ravenna: Museo Nazioneale. Disegno di lucerna rinvenuta negli scavi di Classe 1979BYZART. Byzantine art and archaeology  still imagelamps (lighting devices)
20003_010_026675_01.tif.jpg-500599Ravenna: Museo Nazionale: II chiostro, lato sud: frammento in marmo africanoBYZART. Byzantine art and archaeology  still imageambos (pulpits)